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La Crema

by Valsoia


4.31 (421)

  • Is La Crema vegan? Yes! La Crema is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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9 March 2023
Both deliciously chocolatey and nutty, it is all I want a good chocolate spread to

be. Good #milkchocolate flavour and the #hazelnuts gives the #spread that yummy nutty creaminess.

This is absolutely a #bestpicks for me, it is so good. It does have a slight soy taste to it, but it is very mild and doesn’t take anything away from the good flavour. If you really hate #soy you might want to be cautious with trying it but otherwise I really recommend this to anyone that loves a good sweet #chocolate spread.

It is super smooth and creamy, perfect consistency! Thick enough to feel rich and tasty but easily spreadable.
For any Norwegians that read this, it reminds me a lot in both flavour and texture to Rema 1000’s ‘Nøttesjoko’ that I used to eat as a non-vegan.

It is kind of expensive at ~56 NOK (at Coop) for a jar, but honestly I find it so good that it is definitely worth it.

Packaging is simple and nice, clearly marked as vegan. The lable on the jar is really easy to remove without leaving any of that gluey residue. It makes it super easy to #reuse!

#chocolatespread #chocoholic #sweettooth #nuts #breakfast

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Ho provato tante creme spalmabili al cacao ma credo che questa sia la migliore.

E tu,

l'hai mai provata? Ne consiglieresti un'altra?

Dove: Coop e Conad

#cacao #glutenfree #cremaspalmabile #chocolate #nocciole #inviaggioconvega🐘 #veganisnotscary

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Crema spalmabile alle nocciole
Questa finta Nutella ha ingredienti molto simili a quella del marchio VegAmo

(venduta da MD). Il contenuto di nocciole è uguale (14%), ha un po' più di cacao (11% contro i 8% di quella della vegamo) e meno farina di soia (3% contro i 9% dell'altra), quindi risulta un po' meno proteica. Altra differenza, positiva, è che contiene meno grassi saturi. Il prezzo, però, è più alto (l'altra costa 1.99€). Sapore praticamente identico, queste creme sono tutte buone e molto molto dolci.
📍Acquistata da Sigma a 2.29€

#soia #valsoia #soianoogm #cremaspalmabile #vegannutella #nocciole #vegancream #chocolate #veganchocolate #ogmfree #nuts #noalcolesterolosialvalsoia #senzaoliodipalma #nocciolatasenzalatte #senzalattosio

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🇮🇹 Questa crema si spalma con facilità e assomiglia un po’ alla Nutella.
Gli ingredienti e

i valori nutrizionali sono pessimi, troppo zuccherata e poco nocciolatosa 🙈🍫🌰
Non la ricomprerò.

🇬🇧 This cream is easy to spread and resembles a bit Nutella.
The ingredients and nutritional values are awful, it’s too sweet and not nutty enough 🙈🍫🌰
I will not purchase it again.

#valsoia #vegannutella #cremaspalmabile #spreadablecream #cocoa #chocolate #vegan #alì

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This Vegan Nutella is the best supermarket Nutella I’ve tried! Both flavour 😋 and nutritionally

It’s also #palmoilfree !! ❤️
Ingredients: sugar, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, hazelnuts 14%, lean cocoa powder 11%, soy fibre 3%, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, flavorings. #glutenfree
Source of fibre (6,8g per 100g) and protein (5,2g per 100g) 🌱
Is it just me or this vegan Nutella is a game changer comparing to other supermarkets’ nutellas??
#abillionlove #chocoholic #chocolate #hazelnut

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