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  • Original Lentil Chip

Original Lentil Chip

by Uncle Saba's Poppadoms


4.26 (29)

  • Is Original Lentil Chip vegan? Yes! Original Lentil Chip is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 30%

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19 May 2020
I usually get the sweet chilli flavour but I first fell in love with this

brand once upon a time because of how the original replicated the dirty, greasy taste of poppadoms without their tendency to go limp really quickly (or using quite as much oil).

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I like this! Always like to have poppadoms when eating Indian cuisine. So glad that

i can get it off the shelf from supermarket such as ntuc!

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I finished this in 4 sittings, meaning to say it’s great but not amazing enough

to overcome my impulse control 🤭 I have been having this with my tomato pate though, and because this hasn’t too strong a flavour it honestly pairs amazing with most dips/dressings #abillionwomen #roomtoread

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I prefer the Korean bbq one. This one had the classic poppadom aftertaste — slightly

bitter (love it!) and it’s good as a blank canvas that’ll go with dips, chutneys, etc. but the oily taste that lingers is quite strong imo.

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