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by Trader Joe's


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  • Is Vegan Poke vegan? Yes! Vegan Poke is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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9 May 2023
After reading several reviews of this poke on abillion, I was elated to discover it

at my neighborhood Trader Joe’s. It’s a very intriguing product, to say the least.

Visually, this stuff is apparently quite convincing — so much so that one of my coworkers was concerned that I had renounced the vegan lifestyle when she saw my lunch! Once it’s in your mouth, though, you can tell it’s definitely #beetroot: the chunks have the characteristic earthy sweetness and firm texture of the root vegetable. I completely agree with other reviewers’ assessment of the marinade — it was, disappointingly, rather bland. Although the sesame flavor (from both oil and seeds) was prominent, the poke needed extra seasonings to really shine. It improved vastly after I added shoyu, lime, and a sprinkle of chili to the remainder of the tub.

I appreciated this creative vegetable-focused option — a nice break from tofu or more highly processed meat alternatives — but felt $4.99 was a bit steep. I’ll most likely use this method to create my own #leavethefishinthesea poke at home and spend the savings on my other Trader Joe’s favorites.

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Trader Joe's is now selling vegan poke, made with cubed marinated beets! I was impressed

by the ingredient list, which includes the beets, sesame oil, green onions, rice vinegar, cucumbers, jalapenos, garlic, sesame seeds, nori and Sriracha.
The beets had wonderful taste, and good texture, perhaps a little bit firmer than fish would have been - although neither one of us had ever had poke made with fish.
The only thing for us was that it was a little bit bland, but a little extra soy sauce easily fixed that problem. Also, I say that with a grain of salt 🤣, because we happen to enjoy salt, but if you don't, you'll probably be fine with this.
We served the poke over sticky rice, with avocados, cucumbers, edamame, scallions, watermelon radishes, microgreens, a bit of wasabi, and a sprinkle of hemp seeds. We thoroughly enjoyed these bowls! And if you don't live near a Trader Joe's, vegan poke would be pretty easy to make it home too.😉

$4.99 for 2.5 servings

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This was awesome!! I had some hesitations after the cashier warned me against it, but

I was pleasantly surprised. It does have an earthy beet flavor but the sesame works really well with it. I had it in a homemade poke bowl and can’t wait to try making sushi with it! Would definitely get again.

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Love when Trader Joe’s introduces new vegan products, especially creative ones. I think this

is a lovely idea but the product could be more flavorful.

I could definitely taste the sesame oil but the other items that should have packed more of a punch were pretty bland. I added sriracha, coconut aminos and more green onion; enjoying that combo with seaweed snacks and romaine hearts was nice.

I couldn’t taste any beet flavor and the beet pieces were soft so in that way it worked as a dupe but I imagine the actual texture of poke is different. I never had “real” poke so I cannot attest to the actual likeness.

My guess is that whilst marinating the beets soaked up the flavors and the beet flavor and seasonings cancelled each other out a bit? 🤷‍♀️

If you liked poke or like vegan poke I’d say give it a shot but be prepared to doctor to your taste if needed.

$4.99 at Trader Joe’s


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