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by Trader Joe's


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  • Is Sauerkraut vegan? Yes! Sauerkraut is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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25 January 2020
I love the addition of picked Persian cucumbers #luvinarms

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I love this sauerkraut from Trader Joe’s. The addition of the Persian pickles is great.

I love adding this to veggie burgers with mustard. So good! I also like to add a few teaspoons to my salads along with olives, artichokes, and pickled jalapeños.

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We used this tasty sauerkraut to top our beet Reuben sandwiches. The sauerkraut has just

the right amount of tang, without being too vinegary. I also really like that addition of the little Persian cucumber slices throughout, which add a little something to the sauerkraut.
The only ingredients are cabbage, Persian cucumbers, garlic and salt.

#fermentedfoods #sauerkraut #reubensandwich #beets

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15 October 2023
This was ok, I prefer sauerkraut without pickled cucumbers, it just didn’t taste right. A

bit pricy. Also disappointing that the container was plastic.

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i’m trying to include more fermented foods everyday, and trader joe’s just making it easier


this sauerkraut has a nice twist to it with pickled persian cucumbers. you could throw some on top of a big nourish bowl, pupusas, taquitos, tacos, some avocado toast, anything u want!! i like the convenience but once i restock on vinegar i’ll start making my own 🌝🌼🌻💐

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