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  • Mint Chocolate Chip Cuties
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Cuties

Mint Chocolate Chip Cuties

by Tofutti


4.43 (7)

  • Is Mint Chocolate Chip Cuties vegan? Yes! Mint Chocolate Chip Cuties is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 54%

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30 June 2022
My wife and I usually don't go for the mint and chocolate combo but slowly

we are believing #chocolateandmintbelongtogether
These for delightful #ditchdairy

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Deeeeelicious!!!!! The mint flavour is POWPOWPOWERFUL! So good. I would buy these again! It was

fun to bite into them with the chocolate chips. The only thing is the cookie part sticks to the wrapper.

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Havent had these in a while but they are delicious! Hard to eat just one

though Haha. The mint flavor is bonus I could do without the chips though. But deff recommend this product.

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These are quite good but I prefer the So Delicious brand. The mint flavour could

be a little stronger in my opinion.

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