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  • Organic Cacao Buckinis
  • Organic Cacao Buckinis

Organic Cacao Buckinis

by The Source Bulk Foods Singapore


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19 March 2020
Had this for breakfast today and it was so good. Paired it with soy milk

(next photo). The cacao powder was not too sweet and tasted like the healthier version of koko krunch!
Could not really taste the coconut flakes, but the mulberries and cranberries were sweet and complemented well with the cacao powder.

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This chocolate buckinis is perfect for snacking on its own and as topping! Really hooked

on it. Cacao flavour goes really well with the coconut strips! 🤤 Can’t wait to get them again

$4 per 100g

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15 June 2020
First time trying buckwheats and I really like it. This tastes pretty good with oat

milk. But I find the cacao taste a bit too strong, it take over everything. But over all I liked this blend and will try the plain version next time.

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