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Japanese Teriyaki

by The Noodle Poodle


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16 February 2023
Last year when my #vegankids teacher announced they would celebrate a class milestone with a

“grilled cheese day” the drama began with finding a vegan option she would be proud to bring (she has never been crazy about #vegancheese). The teacher then announced that instant noodle cups were also okay to bring.😅

Even though most instant noodle cups are loaded with #palmoil and msg, I of course...

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25 November 2021
This is so delicious and comforting.

I love thick noodles to begin with, the sauce was really good and I liked the bits of mushroom. It's a bit on the pricy side compared to other noodles, but I would say worth having it every now and then.


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3 November 2021
The flavour is very nice.

Totally different from the indian one, but both are good. I would not buy it again, because I discovered there are mushrooms in here, but if you like mushroom you might like this product. #veganisnotscary

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10 September 2021
My favourite of the noodles they have so far.

I don't like too much sauce and it has a bit too much, but that is just my preference. It has vegetables in it as well which is rare for instant noodles so that's a plus ;) Nice taste!

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