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  • Slow-Cooked Jackfruit Rendang (Discontinued)
  • Slow-Cooked Jackfruit Rendang (Discontinued)

Slow-Cooked Jackfruit Rendang (Discontinued)

by The Brook


4.00 (3)

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4 June 2019
This was ok, I personally don’t take so much to jackfruit though as I find

it strange to be eating fruit - something slightly sweet - as a meat alternative. It didn’t come with any rice. The potato was nice with the dish.

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I wouldn't really call this a rendang, but it was okay I guess. I don't

really like jackfruit in general, never quite got into it lol or maybe I just haven't had any amazing ones yet 😂

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So tasty and filling. Lovely texture and flavour. The eco friendly packing being the added


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