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  • Roasted vegetable and pesto wrap
  • Roasted vegetable and pesto wrap

Roasted vegetable and pesto wrap

by Tesco Plant Chef


4.15 (35)

  • Is Roasted vegetable and pesto wrap vegan? Yes! Roasted vegetable and pesto wrap is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 16%

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17 July 2022
One of the healthiest vegan meal deal options in tesco.

I liked the taste well enough and I also appreciate that it is more creative than just another falafel wrap. I wouldn’t seek it out but nice to know it exists as a quick option. #tesco #lunch #pesto

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30 November 2021
I didn’t really have high expectations for this because I must have eaten tonnes

of mediocre vegan wraps but I was pleasantly surprised by this one! The vegetables were nice and fresh tasting and I really enjoyed the actual wrap too, i’m not sure what type it was but the texture was so soft and it went brilliantly with the delicious creamy pesto. I would definitely pick one of these up again #veganisnotscary #day61

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27 November 2021
i like this wrap, the pesto isn’t overpowering it was the perfect amount!

could have been more generous with the amount of filling but the wrap itself is so soft and the veg is nice and crunchy👌🏼would only get it as part of a meal deal but defo makes a really good lunch for on the go (or at home tbh)

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10 December 2020
Great Meal deal thank you Tesco 🛒😆

Great choice.

Can we have more wicked plant based choices back please 😅

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21 December 2022
Really not a fan of this.

I love pesto but this is bland, barely filled and compared to a meat substitute wrap or a sandwich this is a rip off imo for £3.50 (even in a meal deal).

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