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Spinach Bites

by Strong Roots


4.11 (46)

  • Is Spinach Bites vegan? Yes! Spinach Bites is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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10 December 2019
Home cooked. All from Kibsons in Dubai
Broccoli &Purple carrot bites, Spinach Bites, Mixed Root

Vegetable Fries. Sooo delicious!!

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Found these #spinach bites available through #getir 💚 their taste was nice but I suppose

what makes it valuable is the spinach element . If you add even more greens for example some tender steamed broccoli then you have got your 1 of five in a day ! #frozen #veganlunch #londonvegan

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These were pretty good. I think they would be great if cooked in an air

fryer (which I don’t have), as they were a little soft. They definitely needed a sauce. I used #tabithabrown lemon dill garlic spread. I’ll buy them again once I get an air fryer!

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