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  • Spicy chicken veggie burgers
  • Spicy chicken veggie burgers

Spicy chicken veggie burgers

by Sprouts Farmers Market


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10 September 2021
Surprisingly amazing!

They’re not too spicy and have a great flavor & texture. I typically don’t eat these as a sandwich, but instead chop them up for in salads or tacos.

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22 November 2020
These are just ok.

I like other brands of chicken patties much better. I don't really like the texture. A little too meaty for...

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17 July 2020
Very good product!

It may not look as pretty as other chicken patties, but it has a great texture, and an amazing flavor. It’s seasoned without fear, so you don’t have to add seasonings of your own. Heats up and crisps up nicely on a cast iron...

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29 April 2020
I love these burgers especially for low carb days.. they have 8 grams of carbs

& 8 grams of fiber, so, zero net carbs. High in soy protein with a little kick to them.

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