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Shea Butter

by Soil


4.33 (3)

Our unrefined, organic Shea Butter spreads smoothly and easily all over your body leaving you skin, hair and nails nourished and enriched. This powerful moisturiser protects and nourishes dry, damaged skin. Pure enough for baby too!

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12 December 2019
Heavy duty shea butter with a nice light citrus scent. I use this very

sparingly at bed time for my overworked hands so a tub lasts a long time. #pigsnpaws

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Almost gave this 4 stars, but then settled for 3. This one is lavender scented,

and I find the lavender scent a little TOO much lavender for me. That said, it is nice for bedtime after a hot shower when the lavender helps to make me feel more relaxed.

Other than the scent, the body butter itself is quite luxurious - you need to kinda dig it out and heat it to a bit with your hands to soften it, but it is worth it as it absorbs really nicely and I could feel my skin sapping up all the moisture. Will likely purchase again, just a different scent.

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