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  • 4 Plant-Based Sausages
  • 4 Plant-Based Sausages

4 Plant-Based Sausages

by Simple Truth


3.71 (33)

  • Is 4 Plant-Based Sausages vegan? Yes! 4 Plant-Based Sausages is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 76%

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25 July 2021
So good! I am just so thrilled at all the GLUTEN FREE vegan options!! And

it's not too expensive either. Well done Checkers, for stocking Simple Truth. Such an awesome brand. The texture and taste of the sausage is great. Very similar to Herbiwors. Air fried these as well. Highly recommended. #pigsnpaws

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I love the simple truth range! I tried to make corndogs with these sausages but

I don't think it was the right sausage for a corndog. The sausage itself was still delicious though!

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These weren’t my favorite. Maybe I didn’t grill them long enough, but there was a

lot of oil that came out and I didn’t add any oil. It just tastes like raw boerewors. #simpletruth #checkers #capetown #southafrica #sausages

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Great idea but just too grainy for me and leaves an almost bitter aftertaste -

had one with salad and cream cheese on a naan bread and another on it’s own with tomato and mustard sauce. Will not buy this again - much prefer the Linda McCartney ones
#vegansausage #sausage

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Had a really unpleasant taste. Not sure if I got a box that had gone

off but it was really tough to eat them. The coconut component was the one that seemed off. I defrosted them before cooking. I will try again without defrosting and update this review.

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