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  • Peach Mango Dairy Free Yogurt alternative
  • Peach Mango Dairy Free Yogurt alternative

Peach Mango Dairy Free Yogurt alternative

by Silk


4.54 (64)

  • Is Peach Mango Dairy Free Yogurt alternative vegan? Yes! Peach Mango Dairy Free Yogurt alternative is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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5 March 2022
Im not normally the biggest fan of Silk products but the Mango and Peach Mango

yogurts fantastic! We really enjoyed them and it reminded me of the peach yogurts I had as a kid. We enjoyed with berries and Trader Joe's vegan granola

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I love this 🥰 Can't believe I haven't reviewed it until now. Silk is up

there among my favourite #yoghurt brands, and their #soyyogurt range is just delightful 😌 Thick but smooth, overall sweet and creamy, the #mango and #peach combination worked a treat 😋 I had a bunch of fruits that all turned out less flavourful (i.e. sweet) than I'd hoped for, this was the perfect antidote 😁 #teamsoy

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This peach and mango vegan yogurt was good!
The flavor was more peach than mango.

I couldn’t taste any mango and the peach flavor felt a bit artificial to me but overall it was a healthy dairy free treat 👍🏼
Great price point at Walmart $1.72

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More #yogurt reviews! This is the fourth #teamsoy yogurt from Silk that I’ve tried. Much

like their berry flavors, this one was pretty good. Sweet, floral #peach is definitely the dominant flavor; the mango is so subtle that it’s almost undetectable. The consistency sits at a nice medium, being neither as thick nor as runny as other vegan yogurts on the market. It’s smooth and not clumpy or grainy in the slightest, although it does benefit from a quick stir.

For me, soy is already a pretty neutral-tasting base; the little chunks of peach and overall sweetness of the yogurt effectively masked any lingering aftertaste. It contains 11g of added sugars, which is perhaps more than is advisable to consume in one small cup, but I feel it’s fine as an occasional treat. It also has some protein, vitamin D, and calcium — as well as probiotic cultures — for your overall well-being.

Although I have other #ditchdairy yogurts I prefer, this one is tasty and probably the most accessible of the lot (I typically find these cups for $1.25-1.50 on sale at most large grocery chains in my area, like Safeway and Nob Hill) — no complaints!

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Really great yogurt that tastes exactly like regular dairy-filled yogurt. This kind has little chunks

of fruit in it and a really creamy texture. It’s not too sweet either. Definitely try this! Price: $1.79 at Whole Foods

#yogurt #dairyfree #silk

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