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  • Pizza margherita pomodori
  • Pizza margherita pomodori

Pizza margherita pomodori

by Ristorante


3.89 (39)

  • Is Pizza margherita pomodori vegan? Yes! Pizza margherita pomodori is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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22 January 2022
This was my FAVOURITE frozen pizza pre vegan and their vegan version tastes just as

good as I remember 😫

Any other pizza I would not go for a thin base this is the only exception, so flavoursome with the basil and cherry tomatoes. The only difference between the none vegan and this is it’s missing the stringy melted mozzarella balls but unfortunately vegan cheese isn’t quite there with that yet.

Such an easy quick fix too, grab out the freezer and throw in the oven for 10 MINUTES! It’s also only £2.50 in Tesco

#easyvegan #veganswap #pizza

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Me encanto esta pizza, es finita, trae queso vegano, tomatitos y pesto!
Es un poco difícil

de encontrar, la pague 4 euros

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I honestly looked for this for so long I had given up that it was

real/ was available in Canada LOL! I even thought that people on this app #photoshopped this pictures of this LOL

I am here to confirm it is #real!!!!!!

My mom and I found this in Collingwood and we took a pic to commemorate the #moment (pic 3).

It was $7 each and we found it at Zehers. I ended up #buying 2 of them lol. I liked the Pesto sauce and the tomatoes. I would get it again. I didn't really love the crust, I felt like it was too crispy/dry. But then again, I think that is what this brand's #crust is like.

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Was shocked to find this and wouldn't have noticed if it weren't for the huge

vegan logo on the front. Pizza was delicious and was generously topped, unlike quite a lot of frozen pizzas now. Was very tasty, great for a snack!

#veganpizza #pizza #ristorante #ristorantevegano

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Difficult, not bad but not good 😂
Cheese is honestly improvable, I have tasted several better

“mozzarella” cheese.
In general it is not bad, I really like cherry tomatoes (not in original Margherita btw) 🧀🍅

Price is around 4€ so it is not cheap.

#pizza #pizzamargherita #pizzaristorante

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