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  • Sweet Corn Elote Bowl
  • Sweet Corn Elote Bowl

Sweet Corn Elote Bowl

by Purple Carrot


4.50 (33)

  • Is Sweet Corn Elote Bowl vegan? Yes! Sweet Corn Elote Bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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12 August 2023
This Southwestern style dish was sooo good! Purple Carrot’s meals are easy, savory, convenient, and

delicious. If you like Chipotle and Southwestern style food, this Elote Bowl is for you. The sweet corn was delicious! Also, instead of a plastic bowl, a paper compostable one was used which I thought was really cool!

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Delicious! I enjoyed the creamy sauce, and the lime really livens things up. I can

tell they put a lot of thought and testing into their flavor combinations. The pumpkin seeds added a nice texture.

Yes, high in fat and calories, but for a quick frozen meal, I'd buy again. Better tasting than some local takeout I've had here in Wisconsin!


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LOVE PURPLE CARROT! Not sure if they’re 100% vegan I think so but if not

someone lmk It’s delcious, the sauce is so unique and I love this bowl. The flavors are great! I usually mix in some cheese or sauce or salsa with this bowl to add some more flavor but it’s not bad on its own! Reccomend please share to non vegans! Thanks save non human animals lives always speak up! They need us! Specieism has ended!💚 All non human animals souls bugs are safe, bugs have feeling and are animals too! Never forget! And organic stuff isn’t vegan or palm oil (look it up) Go vegan thanks! Save the non human animals what they go through feels the same as it would to you! Go vegan💚 End speciesim! Speciesism has ended!

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