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Mini Chocolate Chips

by President's Choice


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21 February 2021
Thank you, PC!!! These are my new go to! Half the price as my previous

“go to”, NO PALM OIL, and so tasty.

#abillionlove 💞 #fortheplanet

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These were tasty, no different than the regular PC brand. The fun thing about going

vegan is reading labels and the only difference I found between the plant-based and regular chips is the "May contain milk, eggs, etc." disclaimer. It wasn't on this package. Is it completely plant-based or just rebranded packaging? 🤔😊


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Delicious plant-based chocolate chips made with minimal ingredients (see 2nd photo). You’d never know

they’re not made with milk. They were priced the same as a name brand - no premium pricing!

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