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  • Vegan Chocolate cookie
  • Vegan Chocolate cookie

Vegan Chocolate cookie

by Plant Kitchen (M&S)


4.10 (37)

  • Is Vegan Chocolate cookie vegan? Yes! Vegan Chocolate cookie is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%
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22 September 2023
Probably the best vegan supermarket cookie. Really nice texture and plenty of chocolate. I do

think that it is too sweet, but deffo worth the price. #cookies #marksandspencer #sweettooth 🍪

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Chewy, soft, and gooey cookie with Belgian chocolate chunks. Extremely sweet to the point of

being sore throat-inducing haha. Also quite calorific. Nonetheless very affordable for a large vegan cookie, especially since they usually sell their bakes at a discounted rate in the evenings. Hope they can have more flavours of vegan cookies at their bakery! ($2.20) #sgvegan #sgbakes

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