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Paez Espadrilles Shoes

by Paez


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19 January 2020
These are Paez's new vegan range that have a non-leather inner sole that is super

soft and comfty. It must have foam or something and it really cushions your foot. I never feel the actual bottom of the shoe or the floor. The bottom is vegan rubber or plastic and is super grippy. So far I'm totally in love with them (I've had them a week, will update this review to see how they wear).
They have quite a few styles in the vegan range, they were just lacking some sizes when I went. Even ones that are black and have a pretty stylish zip situation. Apparently you can just put them in the washing machine...winning!
UPDATE: washing was a total disaster, the pink from the insoles have made them a sort of tie dye pink and the original pattern is totally covered up. Not sure the way around this because they're canvas shoes and have to be washed and the insole can't be removed (maybe scotch guard them first?). Some research shows you should only hand wash them in cold water (I did 40degrees). But, like, who has the time to hand-wash shoes??? Also was specifically told I couldachine wash...sigh. See photos for the change Disappointed :(

I got these at their little pop up spot in Cavendish Square mall, Cape Town. #greyton

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