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  • Smoky bits (Discontinued)
  • Smoky bits (Discontinued)

Smoky bits (Discontinued)

by Oumph!


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  • Is Smoky bits (Discontinued) vegan? Yes! Smoky bits (Discontinued) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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7 March 2021
This is amazing!!! Fry till it's crispy and it's like bacon. I love making an

Alfredo sauce with this. 🌱🌿🌾


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This is a 5/5 🤩!!! I made mine crispy so I fried it 2

minutes longer than suggested and added a dash of salt. It tastes exactly how I remember bacon tasting. Even hubby said it’s just like bacon.
Really enjoying the Oumph range, can’t wait to try more 👏💃😁
Got this is Pick n’ pay

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Ok…. So these are game changing… adverted as smoky bits… these are the closest thing

to bacon I’ve tasted… put them on the dirtiest most loaded natchos maybe ever created!? Bacon taste 8/10 texture of floppy cooked non crispy bacon 10/10 (I couldn’t get them to crisp up TBH) seriously these are EPIC! Happy weekend everyone! ❤️ 🌈 ☀️ @stevenneoh need one your #tags for these!

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These caught my eye at Pick n Pay - so I thought I’d try them

These ‘bacon’-like bits don’t taste similar to anything I’ve tried before, but they’re very tasty nonetheless. Definitely wouldn’t say that they resemble the taste of meat - but if you fry them until they’re crispy, they’re delicious and crunchy 😍
I’m pretty sure these are meant to be added to pastas, but I add them salads, wraps and toasties too.

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