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  • No. 3 hair perfector
  • No. 3 hair perfector

No. 3 hair perfector

by Olaplex


4.66 (41)

  • Is No. 3 hair perfector vegan? Yes! No. 3 hair perfector is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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15 June 2022
Brutal! Este reparador de pelo es casi milagroso. Es la mejor mascarilla capilar que he

probado jamás. La puedes aplicar y llevarla unas horas o incluso hasta el día siguiente. Te deja el pelo súper sedoso y brillante. Un must!
#santuariovegan #santuarioelsuenhodejill

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A verdade e que funciona bastante ben, métolle bastante caña ó pelo😩 e noto moito

cando o poño, aínda que recomendan poñer co pelo húmido sen lavar, eu primeiro lavo pra eliminar os restos de outros productos e o deixo un par de horas, nótase.

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I've purchased olaplex No. 3 (hair protector), 4 (shampoo) and 4 (conditioner) before. They are

$38-41 CAD each before tax.

The hair protector really helped to restore and repair my hair after I colored it and immediately went on vacation where I got a lot of sun and salt water damage. It was very brittle and dry when I returned from my trip; I used the olaplex trio and my hair texture greatly improved. I didn't feel like the conditioner was very hydrating though, but the hair perfector made up for that.

I have repurchased only the shampoo and hair perfector now. I alternate the shampoo with my other regular shampoo and use the hair perfector about once a month.

I would likely continue to only buy the hair perfector as a monthly treatment.

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