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Fresh Armpits Worldwide

by nuud


4.58 (71)

  • Is Fresh Armpits Worldwide vegan? Yes! Fresh Armpits Worldwide is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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11 March 2023

I've used this product when they first came out

many many years ago. At first they weren't vegan as they used lanolin but quickly picked up the user feedback to offer a vegan product.

I am honestly a very stinky lady and this deodorant completely hits the mark. Put it on and no stink FOR DAYS. It's like magic.
One little tube lasts extremely long. I somehow got a bunch of them and they've been lasting me for years and will probably still last for a long time.

My stepdad has also been using them for years now and is very happy too. I have recommended it once to a friend who it didn't work for at all. she said she got more stinky. There is a bit of a detox period which is guess she wasn't willing to go through. But it's worth it.

#deo #deodorant #vegandeodorant #deodorante #crueltyfree #essentials

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I love it!! It’s working great for me even though I’ve only been using it

for a month or so. But so far so good and I strongly recommend it. I’m applying it every 3-4 days now and it works great.

Estoy encantada con este desodorante. No le tenía mucha fé porque me muevo mucho y suelo sudar bastante, pero es increíble. Lo estoy probando hace un mes más o menos pero me lo pongo cada 3-4 días y no se siente nada de olor. Lo seguiré probando pero de momento lo recomiendo totalmente.


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Lo sto provando da più di un mese e posso dire che il suo lavoro

lo fa. Nelle prime due settimane pensavo fosse una sciocchezza perché non vedevo nessun risultato, invece mi sono ricreduta.
Io lo applico tutti i giorni, ma ho provato anche a fare un giorno sì e uno no e funziona anche se dipende da quello che devo fare.
È un tubetto di bioplastica prodotta da canna da zucchero e spedito in una confezione di cartone biodegradabile

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