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Nutritech Vegan Protein

by Nutritech


4.09 (11)

  • Is Nutritech Vegan Protein vegan? Yes! Nutritech Vegan Protein is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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9 August 2020
Highly recommend this for additional protein intake. Perfect for the morning smoothie and post workout

shake. I'm a big fan of this 'unflavoured' protein. It goes really well with a berry and banana smoothie 😍 or even with just water or some soy milk.

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This is a good vegan protein. I love how they are so readily available and

a few non vegans I know are using vegan protein instead. Great news for us vegans

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Tastewise quite basic but the cheapest vegan option which is useful for budget lifestyles and


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I’ve tried many protein powders. This Nutritech one is very tasty. One difference I’ve noticed

with this one over others I’ve tried - I am not left bloated and digesting this protein powder seems a lot easier. Not saying that’s everyone’s case , just my personal experience. So I would recommend ! Also, very affordable :)

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