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Vanilla bean

by Nora's


4.47 (8)

  • Is Vanilla bean vegan? Yes! Vanilla bean is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 54%

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17 November 2021
My FAVORITE ice cream! It's made with coconut milk but that flavor is very

mild and it's super creamy.

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Second time trying this! I think the first time I had this it might have

defrosted too much and then got frozen again so it was icy but this time the texture was creamier and hardier. Delicious vanilla bean flavour and even more delicious topped with pumpkin seeds, agave and cinnamon ☺️🍂

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I saw someone else’s review of this brand and wanted to try it. Turns out,

it’s at every store but I’d just never noticed it. This flavour is amazing. Definitely the best plant based vanilla ice cream that I’ve tried. 🏆

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