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Ginger Kombucha

by No. 1 Living


4.23 (7)

  • Is Ginger Kombucha vegan? Yes! Ginger Kombucha is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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4 May 2023
Got this as part of a major supermarket meal deal (nice surprise) while at the

airport. Refreshing and nice 'kick' , taste yummy and felt well hydrated . Definitely think of buying it again but have to think more before i do that because it has steviol glucoside (🤔) thinking maybe making something similar at home with all natural ingredients (ginger, garlic, cinnamon and lime)

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👍 if you like ginger this is for you! Fizzy, very gingery drink that comes

in a can. Also sugar free, so it's not sweet. 👎Only downside: a bit expensive.

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The last time I tried kombucha I wasn’t a big fan, but this was lovely!

A real gentle flavour (I think I could have still enjoyed it if it tasted stronger / more fermented ??), very drinkable. The ginger is nice but could have packed even more of a punch for my liking… but nonetheless it was really enjoyable and I’d get it again. £1.50 a can #kombucha #fermented #healthy

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This ginger kombucha is really nice, it has a good flavour that’s similar to ginger

beer but more lemonade-y as the ginger isn’t too overpoweringly strong. It isn’t overly sparkling which I like a lot. It’s great that it’s zero sugar, and kombucha is fairly good for you too. I found this one in Sainsbury’s, at £3.95 for a box of four cans which is pretty good. I definitely recommend this if you like kombucha or you’re interested in trying it.

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A refreshing lightly sparkling ginger kombucha with turmeric. Just a personal taste but would have

liked a bit more heat from the ginger. Live cultures, 47 calories, raw & unpasteurised, organic and Vegan of-course.

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