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  • Corner Crunchy Chocolate Balls Yogurt
  • Corner Crunchy Chocolate Balls Yogurt

Corner Crunchy Chocolate Balls Yogurt

by Müller


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10 August 2023
Many of us have been waiting for a vegan yogurt/topping combo to come out and

finally it has! … and it’s kinda gross. The yogurt was gelatinous and tasted kind of custardy (ew). The chocolate balls are delicious, though. Maybe yay to making yogurt topping and nay to the yogurt. This shouldn’t even be hard at this point, to make good vegan yogurt. That’s old technology now, yet Muller went and flopped it. Major biff.
Muller; sell the chocolate balls on their own so we can add them to better yogurt!
#muller #yogurt #disappointed #snack

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I’ve been waiting for this for SO long!! I love it!! It has a vanilla

yogurt that is very similar to the Alpro vanilla yogurt. And the chocolate balls are dark chocolate with a crunchy centre. Yum!

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Price: £0.69 (Heron Foods) (RRP: £1.35)

The yoghurt part is nice, coconut based but not tasting

of coconut imo. Quite creamy. The chocolate balls are okay, I think they are dark chocolate, or at least on the darker side. They are quite big, I would have preferred the little chocolate balls you can get in dairy muller corners.

#muller #yoghurt #veganyoghurt

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