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Corn tortillas

by Mission Foods


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  • Is Corn tortillas vegan? Yes! Corn tortillas is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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23 October 2021
So many uses for these tortillas! We made cheezy jackfruit tacos. 😋 #uplandspeak #veganisnotscary

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I find most corn tortillas dry and mealy. These white corn tortillas from Mission are

the exception to that rule though! These are very soft (as corn tortillas go anyhow). I would prefer a flour tortilla of course, but I have to try and keep my sodium intake down. 🌮

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One of my favorite childhood snacks was throwing corn tortillas on a stovetop, flipping them,

sprinkling some cheese, and ending up with a big stack of quesadillas (eating some throughout the process.) That’s stayed true to this day, though I’ve since switched over to vegan cheese (Daisy in this case.) This tortillas were also great: thick but bendable and that yummy corn taste.

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16 August 2022
These are good quality corn tortillas that stay fresh. Cut some up and baked them

for a taco salad topper.

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