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  • Meat Free Ground Mince
  • Meat Free Ground Mince

Meat Free Ground Mince

by Meatless Farm


4.26 (38)

  • Is Meat Free Ground Mince vegan? Yes! Meat Free Ground Mince is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 83%

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7 June 2022
Just found out this brand this week in Supermarket, so good to see a British

brand in Brazil.

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I was really surprised by this meat free mince. I didn’t have high expectations

for it because it doesn’t look very appealing in the pack, but once all cooked it tastes and performs great in your favourite dishes. I made a meann spag bol with this :)) Was also only expecting this to serve 2, so chucked the whole thing in the pan. Turns out it would serve 4-5, I froze the rest in the sauce. Priced at £3, it’s slightly pricey but good that it can serve a few people. Also suitable for freezing so you can stock up when on sale or batch cook.

#meatfree #vegan #veganuary #meatfreemince #veganmince #sodelicious

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The products from this brand are generally very good. The mince browned up nicely, and

retained a mince-like structure in the pan. 23% protein and 9% fat is pretty good for meat replacement products. I fried it up with onions and spices and mixed it in with my partner's spicy rice, and he enjoyed it a lot. So that's a thumbs up, but probably would only get in offer/reduced. #mince #veganmince

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