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Chipotle & Lime

by Manomasa


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25 February 2023
These were very light on flavor. The chipotle was very subtle with the lime overpowering

it a little. Not bad, just not a huge step away from a regular tortilla chip.
#tortilla #manomasa #chips

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Very nice crisps! I love this kinda chip, but I would prefer maybe a tomatoy

flavour. I like this flavour too tho! Addicting haha.


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These are a great conversation starter and crown pleased when it comes to posh crisps.

I only buy them when they're on offer, but they're tangy and smokey. My mate at uni used to bring these to pres, the crowds would go wild for them.

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Bought from pound land

Gmo free


Gluten free

Great flavour

Will be fantastic with a dip

that's for sure.

Really tasty flavours

Fresh and crispy

Glad I found them in the 25p reduced section

I will happily buy again if I see them

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