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by makan vegan


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  • Is vegan kaya vegan? Yes! vegan kaya is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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27 July 2022
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This Vegan kaya was specially made by Makan Vegan. $10/- was

quite expensive but still worth buying. 50% of it will go to “Makan Initiative” that will be able to help more needy people!

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Wow a vegan kaya and homemade

Cost $10 but every $5 goes to donation


taste is great, just I find it’s watery

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I’ve been a kaya fan for yonks, so just have to give this vegan version

a try. Texture less thick and flavour less fragrant than what traditional recipe delivers but if this (kaya sans eggs sans cruelty) is as good as it gets, then all’s good in my book. Stylish labelling but content could be improved upon by having ingredients list and expiry date on jar. Wonderful that part of the proceeds goes to charity.

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Tastes like like bland kaya. Like that its not very sweet but needs more coconut.

No depth to the flavor. The texture is also too wet. Love the bright color. The shop says its from pandan but mom insists its food coloring. Probably wont buy again because its expensive ($10+ a jar) and doesnt keep well (im the only one eating it at home).

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Freshly made and sold. The taste is quite mild, and I felt it got milder

over the days in the fridge. Love the green colour, would love it better if there was a stronger taste

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