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  • Antioxidant Face Oil

Antioxidant Face Oil

by Mad Hippie


4.86 (7)

  • Is Antioxidant Face Oil vegan? Yes! Antioxidant Face Oil is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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13 March 2021
Rejuvenating + moisturizing! My face gets super dry every winter. This helps! Joe approves. 😻

#uplandspeak #catsofabv

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13 October 2020
Lovely citrusy, orangey smell✨. Oil feels light. I use this to moisturise my neck. The

cute packaging is a bonus.

#Veganisnotscary #veganskincare

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I just use this for the first time this morning and can’t say enough about

it. I’ve used facial oils before and this is the best one by far!

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Feels great I'm the skin. I use it at night and alternate with another face

oil I like. People shy away from oils because they assume them to be pore clogging. Do some research, oils help tired, dull, dry skin. Plant oils contain powerful regenerative properties.

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