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  • Ridge Cut Sweet Chilli
  • Ridge Cut Sweet Chilli

Ridge Cut Sweet Chilli

by Mackie's of Scotland


3.50 (4)

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29 January 2021
Very nice! Not spicy at all though like other sweet chilli crisps can be, but

I love ridge cut crisps and they were cheap from Aldi! Big packet 👍🏼 #veganuary

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They advertise it as thick-cut, which it certainly is. If you like the taste of

potato then this is for you. The sweet chilli doesn't dominate the overall flavour like it would with some other brands/products.


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Didn't really taste like sweet chilli. Got quite a bit of paprika in it! Average

tasting crisps, got them quite cheap in Heron foods or b&m so no big loss but wouldn't get them again.

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