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  • Yog Nog Body Spray

Yog Nog Body Spray

by LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics


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9 March 2020
Body spray molto dolce, c'è chi mi ha detto che profumavo di torta e chi

di biscotti. A me ricorda il caramello. Per qualcuno in ufficio può risultare nauseante se lo metto appena prima di uscire di casa. Se amate i profumi dolci sarà perfetto per voi!

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If, like me, your dream is to smell like the biggest SNACC ever, then this

is definitely the scent for you.

Like a combination of all of the best and sweetest desserts, it smells so freakin goood. Kinda like biscuits, and toffee, and custard. People have literally run after me to ask me what perfume I am wearing!

£20 may seem a bit expensive for body spray (although this only cost me £10 because SALE) I actually use this as a regular perfume and spray it all over my clothes. It lasts just as long as perfume does and the scent develops too so you get a really lovely chocolatey scent when it’s been left for about a day.
Amazing. I will CRY when I run out x

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I love this scent! It smells like baked goods. The spray lasts a really long

time and I find the scent lasts all day which is great.

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