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  • Organic Sushi Rice
  • Organic Sushi Rice

Organic Sushi Rice

by Lundberg Family Farms


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  • Is Organic Sushi Rice vegan? Yes! Organic Sushi Rice is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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22 December 2021
i love sushi rice. i looked in a few stores and they no longer sell

it in bulk so i splurged and got a bag. lundberg had great prices but sometimes a little 💰 hopefully i will find another option or it will go on sale before i run out. #veganisnotscary

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Great rice. I use it for everything, not just sushi. Because of this rice, I

have grown to love short grain rice and will be buying short grain rice forevermore. So easy to cook in our instant pot, always comes out perfect.

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I'm pretty sure regular sushi rice is vegan, but better safe than sorry 😂 Non

GMO and organic is always the better route anyways! I loved this, I found it super easy to cook and use if you follow the instructions! I'm new to making sushi, quarantine has me trying out all sorts of recipes! Swipe for my sushi rolls made with this rice 😊 Pineapple mango rolls, avocado rolls, and chilli rice balls with leftover rice!

#vegansushi #sushi #dinnerideas #rice

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Love that rice. Light, non- sticky. It was perfect for my moujadara (1/2 lentil, 1/2

rice) . It brings 8g of protein per 1/2 cup.

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21 March 2020
Love this delicious sushi rice. Very small grains. Sushi rice always comes out

great. A bit pricy for such a small bag but it is organic and conveniently found at Sprouts.

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