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  • Nutty Choco Balls

Nutty Choco Balls

by LoveRaw


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  • Is Nutty Choco Balls vegan? Yes! Nutty Choco Balls is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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29 December 2022
#chocolate #veganchocolate #veganisnotscary #loveraw

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This is soo yummy, I love it. Tastes exactly how I remember #ferrerorocher. Since they

don't seem bothered to offer a vegan option, at least we have a super good alternative with LoveRaw products. I love them 😋 I don't have to mention, that it has a lot of #sugar, but it tastes really really good

I wish they would offer it in a bigger package tho is like that it is not only very expensive, but also a lot of waste. As there are only 2 pieces inside and each of them is also wrapped in plastic individually. I don't remember the exact price, but I paid something in between 2€ and 3€ which is quite an amount for 2 balls to be honest.

#ferrero #chocoholic #chocolate #veganchocolate #hazelnut #abillion #abillionlove #veganisnotscary #veganin2023 #vegan #veganuary #govegan #veganfood #malta #maltavegan #veganmalta #crueltyfree #plantbased

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I recently posted about another LoveRaw product I purchased from Vegan Essentials. Unfortunately I

made an error, as I thought this brand was FEP approved but I had it mixed up with another brand. It is too bad, as this brand is #palmoilfree and one that provides vegan versions of non-vegan faves.
Though I cannot recommend the brand at this time, I’m posting the review #forthedollar

This option is their take on Ferrero Rocher.
The chocolate hazelnut balls are smaller than the original from what I remember, but they do emulate the flavor.

I will write to them and encourage them to commit to ethical chocolate sourcing.


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