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  • Forbidden Rice Ramen - Noodles
  • Forbidden Rice Ramen - Noodles

Forbidden Rice Ramen - Noodles

by Lotus Foods


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27 December 2021
[I had written a whole review, and then my battery died before I was able

to post it. 😭 Here’s take two.]

Lotus Foods makes these wonderful protein packed ramen noodle soups that are excellent. I originally thought this may have been their purple potato noodle flavor (which is likely the only flavor that doesn’t really work for me). How pleasantly surprised I was when I got to enjoy this soothing and filling purple forbidden rice ramen soup.

These are really quick and easy to prepare. I usually crush the noodles and place them in boiling water for a few minutes with the spice packet. This has a fantastic salty white miso, tamari and mushroom flavor that is complimented by the starchy and earthy rice noodles. And let’s not forget to mention the coolness factor of just eating purple noodles. 😎

A package has 280 calories from 4g fat, 56g carbs and 7g protein. As this is an item that uses a lot of rice within its ingredients, the carbs are slightly higher than average. (Btw, since when does black + brown + white = purple? 🤯).

Purchased on sale for a super price of $1.29 (regularly $1.89) at ShopRite.

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In the past I've gotten the individual packs of their Ramen (that come with seasoning

inside) but was happy to find that you can buy bulk packs of just their noodles. Like the brand so I grabbed some for a ramen recipe I was making at home. #veganuary

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I am in love with this. This was my first time buying the ramen based

on a review from abillion. This ramen is special because it is made from an ancient grain. I made mine with miso soup and steamed veggies (egg plant, baby portobellos, green beans, carrots, tofu and green onions) . I also meal prepped some for work. Once they set in the freezer I’ll take a picture and add it.

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