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  • Valrhona Choc x Sea Salt
  • Valrhona Choc x Sea Salt

Valrhona Choc x Sea Salt

by Lococo Creamery


4.50 (2)

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22 December 2019
Not my favourite flavour as i am not a big chocolate fan, but overall this

is the best vegan ice cream in Indonesia. Doesnt matter what flavour it is. This particular combination of the bitter chocolate with sweet/salty seasalt is so interesting & if you like chocolate. You will like this! #JAAN

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I got half and half of the Valrohna Choc and Sea Salt in charcoal cone.

Every bite was sweet and salty. I wasn’t sure what to expect of it before my first lick, but right after I wanted to buy a house right next to wherever this ice cream lives! #jaan

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