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  • Plant Based Breakfast Links Sausage
  • Plant Based Breakfast Links Sausage

Plant Based Breakfast Links Sausage

by Lightlife


3.59 (16)

  • Is Plant Based Breakfast Links Sausage vegan? Yes! Plant Based Breakfast Links Sausage is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 76%

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30 April 2021
These were really good but didn’t really have that breakfast sausage taste. They cooked

up fast, had a nice texture and were great dipped in maple syrup. I personally think the President’s Choice breakfast sausages have a better taste.

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These are good and I think would be impressive to an omnivore too. Pretty sausage

like. To me, these have a sage flavor to them that I haven’t experienced in other plant-base sausages.

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Fried up nice. But texture & flavor was off. It was too soft. Maybe too

much sage? I can’t pinpoint the flavor but it was not breakfast sausage flavor. My husband ate one & left the other on the plate.

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Tried these breakfast sausages and they’re okay. I cooked it with some vegan butter and

maple syrup to get a more breakfast sausage flavour. The texture is a bit soft and the casing is a very thin film, it can come off easily when cutting into it.

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