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  • Premium Soy Patties
  • Premium Soy Patties

Premium Soy Patties

by La Jama Vegana


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7 November 2022
Another great product by this brand, they have so many good vegan options.

These are

soy premium patties with very very good flavor and texture, they really do taste phenomenal in burgers 🍔 almost like meat haha perfectly spiced. I would only improve the consistency, they started falling apart a little bit when we were finishing cooking them. We cooked them with onions and made yummy 🍔

These were better than expected too, the package was simple I guess and plastic so not great I guess, but with all the necessary basic info. I'd buy them again for sure, they were like $8-9 and we got them delivered directly from the brand:)

#burgers #veganburger #soy #soypatty

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Buonissimi, ormai sono diventati parte del menù settimanale, hanno un gusto affumicato veramente ottimo. Perfetti

dentro ad un panino!

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These are great patties, they are huge and taste really well, however, cooking them was

an epic fail, in the end it turned to some delicious ground beef 😅
I found them very affordable, too.

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