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  • Vegane Fischtäbchen
  • Vegane Fischtäbchen

Vegane Fischtäbchen

by Just Veg!


4.17 (7)

  • Is Vegane Fischtäbchen  vegan? Yes! Vegane Fischtäbchen  is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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3 December 2021
They smell and taste like fish sticks, quite impressive.


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Non mi hanno convinta al 100%, sanno leggermente di pesce ma non troppo, non che

i bastoncini findus sapessero davvero di pesce (da quel che ricordo). Ci sta provarli una volta ma non credo li ricomprerò

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Die veganen Fischstäbchen gibt es in Wien bei Hofer zu kaufen und sind meiner Meinung

nach die Besten von Geschmack und Konsistenz her! Mit Kartoffelsalat und Veganer Sauce Tartare echt ein Hit!

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Tasty meal for those days when yoi don't want to cook much. It tastes good,

I'm not sure if the taste is like the real fish once, but at least no one get killed :D
Nutritionally it's not the best

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