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  • fusilli trafilati al bronzo
  • fusilli trafilati al bronzo

fusilli trafilati al bronzo

by Italiamo


4.13 (6)

  • Is fusilli trafilati al bronzo vegan? Yes! fusilli trafilati al bronzo is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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28 September 2022
Fusilli, pasta di Gragnano IGP.
Buoni, non conoscevo questa marca.

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Fusilli, pasta di Gragnano IGP
Sinceramente non vedo differenze da altri fusilli, se non il prezzo

molto basso

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maybe not the most nutritious, but certainly delicious. if you ever happen to have leftovers,

this shape has a nice 'boing' the next day. i always seem to cook enough for two meals then eat it all. i like to put both green and black olives in my puttanesca. foto 3 is a friendly pollinator i saw walking to town. #pasta #veganpasta #olivelover

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