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Choco Cookie

by iChoc


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  • Is Choco Cookie vegan? Yes! Choco Cookie is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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27 March 2023
I really like iChoc and have tried a good amount of their chocolates. This is

their #milkchocolate with #cookie pieces!

Flavour-wise it is is really nice. It has a nice chocolatey flavour, as it is a #rice based mylk #chocolate it is of course pretty sweet. Definitely something for the #sweettooth!
It has #hazelnut paste in it but it does not have a strong nutty flavour at all.

It has a nice snap to it when broken. The texture is smooth and it has that good #creamy feel that melts on the tongue. It isn’t the richest vegan chocolate I have tried in terms of texture but it is a very enjoyable consistency!

I love #cookies in chocolate so that is a really nice addition! They offer a nice crunch and texture to the bar. Their taste is mild when mixed with the chocolate but you can still notice some of the flavour. The cookies aren’t very sweet at all, they have a #cocoa powder taste to them and the tiny bit of #seasalt used is also present.
It’s a nice mix with the #sweet chocolate! There is a generous amount of pieces in each bar.

💵~40 NOK online. It isn’t the most affordable option but it is not too bad either. You can also purchase these in health-food stores like Sunkost. The product is #palmoilfree, #soyfree and #organic. It has #rainforestalliance certified cocoa. The outer packaging is cardboard while the foil on the inside is #plasticfree and compostable!

Love this brand! 🍪🍫

#veganchocolate #teammylkchocolate #chocolatelovers #chocoholic #vegancookies

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Tasty chocolate, but could be creamier (don't know how to describe it, doesn't melt so

good on your tongue). I like the cookie pieces. Paper package and biodegradable foil. Pro: iChoc makes only vegan chocolate.
// Leckere Schokolade. Könnte ein bisschen mehr auf der Zunge zergehen und cremiger sein. Aber ich mag die Keksstückchen. Pappverpackung und biologisch abbaubare Folie. Bonus: iChoc macht auch nur vegane Schokolade.

#chocolate #schokolade #veganchocolate #organic #bio

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Bought it for my kid (who likes milk chocolate 😞😵‍💫) he loved it and friends

who tried said it was better than actual milk chocolate as it was less sweet and sickening.
I had a square of course, and... It's really nice. I like dark #chocolate better but that's a matter of taste.
It's really packed with cookies bits so it's really crunchy too.
Of course the #ecopackaging rocks big time. The #homecompostable inside wrapper is amazing.

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