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  • Extra Firm Premium Tofu
  • Extra Firm Premium Tofu

Extra Firm Premium Tofu

by House Foods


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  • Is Extra Firm Premium Tofu vegan? Yes! Extra Firm Premium Tofu is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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30 December 2020
El mejor tofu que he probado, a toda mi familia le encantó. Extra firme y

buenísimo par saltear con verduras. #veganin2020

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This year I want to eat out less and experiment at home more. Tonight I

made myself a 🥓 flavored tofu 🥪. I marinated the tofu all day with liquid smoke and other seasonings and cross cut the tofu so that it absorbs it better. I air fried it along with purple 🍠 and regular 🥔 . It was delicious!

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I used this for a crispy tofu garlic recipe, and they fried really well! It's

one of my favourite meals.

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