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  • Watermelon Vodka & Soda

Watermelon Vodka & Soda

by High Noon


3.13 (3)

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16 April 2020
A little better than Truly but not by much. The taste is slightly artificial but

not too sweet which is nice. I like the fact that it has real fruit juice and no high fructose corn syrup. It’s also not too carbonated either. This wouldn’t be my first choice in drink but it’s okay for a change of pace.

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This is a decent vodka & soda beverage the watermelon is not my favorite but

comes in a multi pack and this was last one oh well refreshing after a long day in the garden 🌱💛🌱

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The watermelon flavor here is really intense, and not in a good way. I like

watermelon, but I don’t really want to drink one.

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