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  • Oatmilk and Almond Chocolate Bar
  • Oatmilk and Almond Chocolate Bar

Oatmilk and Almond Chocolate Bar

by Hershey's


3.90 (4)

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17 June 2023
This chocolate bar is thin, and extremely tasty. I appreciate the amount of salt used

in the chocolate. It is creamy with crunchy almond bits. #almond

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Terrifically happy about this Hershey bar!
🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫WOW!!! The chocolate flavor is melty, smooth and scrumptious! Hershey

nailed it!!! #dairyisscary ☠️
Found them at Publix with all the other candies. Price is fair too!

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I tried this a couple weeks or so ago and am just now reviewing it

😅 I haven’t been on here much with everything that’s been going on in my life currently, I apologize 😬🫠 BUT I will try to post more reviews when I can.

Before I went #vegan, I loved Hersheys chocolate and would eat atleast one bar or atleast 5 kisses a day. #chocoholic 😂 (I was not nearly as #healthy as I am now 👀). Throughout my vegan journey, I discovered so many #delicious #chocolate brands, flavors, etc. This #plantbased hersheys chocolate bar with #almonds is so #yummy! It’s a great option for those looking for plant based alternatives to the original item. Would probably purchase again 👍🏻

30/100 on the Yuka 🥕 app (too sweet, caloric and fatty)


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Este chocolate no lo venven aca, obviamente. Me lo trajeron de un viaje a nueva

Es muy rico, suave. Las almendras le quedan muy bien. Tiene sal pero apenas se siente. No me suele gustar lo dulce con sal pero es un poquito y queda bien.

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