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  • Berry Nice soap

Berry Nice soap

by Good Stuff


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25 March 2020
This scent is amazing and 100% vegan. Make sure to not purchase the other scent...

It's honey scented and uses actual bees honey and the honey scented ome not labeled as vegan for this reason. Stick to the Berry scent. Found at Dischem.

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Pricey and is not the most long lasting of soaps, however it has a very

lovely and strong scent of berries and feels smooth on the skin. It also does not leave your skin feeling dry. Unfortunately, it comes individually packaged in LDPE plastic but it is recyclable (if you remove the label). On the flip side, it is Beauty without Cruelty certified.

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This is the nourish and flourish scent... Lovely floral fragrance and so gentle on the

skin. At Dischem.

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