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  • Ultimate Falafel Burger
  • Ultimate Falafel Burger

Ultimate Falafel Burger

by Gardein


4.60 (13)

  • Is Ultimate Falafel Burger vegan? Yes! Ultimate Falafel Burger is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 83%

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30 November 2021
Yum! Found this at target. Noticed all of the gardein stuff is cheaper at

target so I got a few things! These burgers are thick and flavorful. Really enjoyed it. Tastes like falafel and is shaped like a big burger. Enjoyed it on a bun with tomato, lemon hummus and trader joes garlic spread. Side of tots and broccoli 🥦 or as my daughter says, bocky and it’s so cute 🥰

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Great tasty Falafel burger. Love the size of it, it's not pathetic like some burger

patties, it's a perfect size, fit the hamburger bun perfectly.

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A tad spicy .. not too much .. but I knew it was there ..

this was 5.99 for two patties.. little expensive..
I ate as a burger .. you could do anything with them.

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