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16 February 2020
This local tau kwa (or firm tofu) is 25% higher in calcium than regular ones.

I use this for my dumpling fillings. Simply squeeze out excess water on a kitchen towel, mash it, add nutritional yeast, soyfloss, diced carrots, chopped coriander and seasoning. Drizzle sesame oil on cooked dumplings before serve.

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📝Reviewed on 16 February 2020, Sunday.

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Loving this tofu. I’m having a hard time finding a reliable local brand.
I don’t understand

how this one is shipped from Asia and still has the fresh tofu smell🤷🏽‍♂️
Anyway made some amazing tofu scramble English muffin with mushroom.

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Our local Asian supermarket has been out of their freshly made tofu the last few

times we’ve been, so we’ve been purchasing this brand, instead. It’s awesome!👏👏👏

I never in a million years imagined I would list tofu as one of my favourite foods... Yet here I am, absolutely besotted with the stuff. If you’re not a big fan, here’s my number 1 tip: get an air fryer! Absolute game changer!

Pictured is our latest favourite way to enjoy it: crumbed and air fried 🤤 we don’t like comparing our food to animals but, if I had to, I would liken it to fried fish.

We press the excess liquid out of the tofu, then dip it in the batter (which is a mix of flour, corn starch, baking powder, and water), then coat in the bread crumbs and pop it in the air fryer.

Can’t even explain how amazing it is. Just THE BEST! 😍

#greyton #greytonfarmanimalsanctuary
#abillionlove 🌹❤️

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Included this tofu as part of my one tray meal prep for the week. I’ve

experimented with various tofu options and this one is among the top few which remains firm for veg cooking and baking. Doesn’t crumble easily and great when marinated #worthit #pridemonth

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