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Wasabi Popcorn

by Eureka


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23 March 2022
The wasabi taste of the popcorn is not too strong and is quite balanced. They

are also very crunchy and flavourful, and contains corn, vegetable oil, sugar, and flavouring.

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Found it at home, think it’s a free gift and it was the only vegan

flavor. Nice sweetness, evenly coated, good quality popcorn 🍿 wasabi flavour has its zing but not overwhelming. I used to hate wasabi, now I appreciate it more.

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ASQUEROSO 🙈 popcorn con sabor a wasabi 😱😱😱 porque hicieron eso jajajajajajaa
Tengo q admitir

que a varios de la oficina les gustó🙄

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