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  • Tomato Gourmet Popcorn

Tomato Gourmet Popcorn

by Eureka


4.17 (7)

  • Is Tomato Gourmet Popcorn vegan? Yes! Tomato Gourmet Popcorn is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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18 October 2021
Eureka has a good range of popcorn flavours. And this tomato flavour is one of

my favourite! Tangy tomato flavour that is highly addictive! Great for a stay in movie night or Netflix binge!


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Favourite flavour from Eureka! It’s sweet, salty, tangy and crispy all at once. Very affordable


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#EveryEffortCount 21Oct #267/365 #1599
Bought 2 types of packaging, vacuum pack & container.

And the shop gave the mini container one as free gift.
The popcorn was crunchy and It tasted a bit sour,sweet and salty!! Not my favorite but overall okay!

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i loved this popcorn so much!! super addictive tomato flavor seems weird but REALLY WORKS

😋 sadly it’s rather expensive but you should buy in malaysia while we can again 🥲


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Super junk foody and unhealthy but I love this!! Tastes just like tomato Twisties (which

is my fav flavour) but popcorn instead. I can see myself single handedly finishing this bag while spectating some internet drama.

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